Unlimited efficiency.

MultiWasher are high performance industrial washing machines engineered by Somengil. Developed for the most demanding tasks where wash quality and machine performance are critical success factors to your business.

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Yes, it cleans.

MultiWasher’s cutting-edge technology was designed in a wash cabinet format that optimises space and achieves the best washing results.

Looks perfect.

It looks like high tech engineered washing equipment, because it is. It’s not just a pretty face, it’s the ultimate solution to achieve the best washing results. Because perfection is not just about appearance, it’s efficiency too.

Works perfectly.

Engineered to fulfill in every detail, all design elements have a purpose. MultiWasher was designed to be ergonomic and user friendly, whilst delivering the best results. This is perfection.

It’s not just about sustainability. It’s sustainability.

Save water.

MultiWasher uses less 2/3 of water than other similar industrial washing solutions.

Save detergent.

70% less detergent necessary for a perfect wash, and completely environment-friendly.

Save space and labour.

Designed to occupy as little space as possible and at the same time create a bigger and better workspace.

Save money.

A smart energy consumption, less consumption of water and detergent, less maintenance, equals more savings.

All in. It can handle it.

No matter what you want to wash, MultiWasher can handle it. From shopping carts to shipping trays, racks to sheets pans, totes, drums and lugs and dishes and much more. MultiWasher is industry agnostic. Some of the industries we are already improving washing processes:

  • Food Processing (Meat & Fish)
  • Pastry & Bakery
  • Dairy Products
  • Catering
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Pharmacy

If they use it, why not you?

2 000 machines installed in more than 30 countries.

Yes, they are happy customers because we give the best customer experience. We combine our engineers’ expertise with a consultative selling approach that assists you in all phases of the process - from the installation to future maintenance.

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