Multiwasher was developed to improve industrial washing processes in terms of quality and resources used. Learn how to improve yours.

Washing efficiency and precise results

The Multiwasher achieves optimum temperatures and pressures during its washing, rinsing and drying cycles, guaranteeing unrivaled quality and productivity.

What sets the Multiwasher apart is its ability to handle a high volume of utensils in a single cycle, drastically reducing the number of washes required.

Say goodbye to the hassle of repetitive washing and say hello to an efficient workflow.

Thanks to shorter cycles and the elimination of pre-washing and drying steps, the Multiwasher revolutionizes the efficiency of your daily operations.

Experience a flawless process that not only saves time and resources, but also delivers consistently impeccable results.

Essential for many sectors and industries

Food Industry

The Multiwasher industrial washer stands out for its washing quality and for the versatility in the utensils and items it washes.

In the food industry, quality washing and disinfection are essential for reducing contamination risks, improving productivity, reducing costs and using natural resources responsibly.

Catering and Food Service

In the catering industry, quick and effective washing is vital for the smooth running of businesses. The Multiwasher makes hand-washing unnecessary and ensures high quality results quickly: it dried and encrusted residues are removed and utensils are washed and dried, making them ready for use immediately after washing.


Multiwasher stands out for its high washing and disinfection standards, ensuring efficiency and food safety through the use of appropriate temperatures throughout the washing, rinsing and drying cycles. This is essential to ensure that the equipment and materials used in the retail sector, such as shopping baskets and utensils in the fresh produce sections (bakery, fishmonger, butcher, delicatessen and fruit & vegetables), are properly sanitized, avoiding the risk of contamination and guaranteeing the quality of the products offered to customers.


The Multiwasher is a washing appliance designed to optimize washing and make it more efficient and complete. It allows a linear and sequential washing operation, which means it can disinfect a variety of items, such as pallets, loading trolleys and boxes of different types.

Essential for many sectors and industries

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