Our values

Somengil provides customized solutions to help customers improve their work processes.

It values its employees and strives to ensure a satisfying work-life balance.

We offer new challenges and training opportunities for continuous professional development.

Through its relationship with universities, Somengil provides young graduates with an opportunity to enter the world of work and build a rewarding career.

It is also committed to maintaining a close relationship with local communities and contributing to social sustainability.

Somengil respects the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and develops technological solutions that help optimize the environmental footprint and economic efficiency of our equipment.

We respect the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and develop technological solutions that help optimize the environmental footprint and operational efficiency of our equipment. And we care about the well-being of the appliance’s operators.


Our philosophy is customer-centric, which to us means being close to our customers and identifying their needs clearly and objectively. Based on this knowledge, our R&D department constantly innovates to meet these needs.


We are committed to providing solutions with high added value. To do this, we understand the client's needs precisely and propose solutions that ensure that problems are solved with the desired efficiency.


We have a flexible approach to our relationships with clients and partners, allowing us to do business in markets and cultures with the most varied demands and requirements. In addition, we are agile in solving problems and finding solutions for our clients, and we offer learning and flexibility.


Tailored and sustainable solutions

A Somengil tem um departamento de I&D e Engenharia que olha para as necessidades e oportunidades do mercado com uma abordagem inovadora, de modo a fornecer soluções adaptadas e customizáveis.

360° support

Somengil focuses on creating long-term partnerships with distributors in order to get closer to customers and provide a differentiated consultative sales and post-sales service.

Customer-Centric approach

This approach consists of our proximity to the customer and of identifying their washing issues.

Somengil effectively improves the washing problem and is attentive to the customer's needs. We recognize how after-sales support is just as important as sales. Our technical assistance ensures that the Multiwasher keeps running smoothly.

Eco-conscious approach

Within the industrial washing sector, Somengil's Multiwasher guarantees the necessary effectiveness and efficiency in water, detergent and energy consumption. Sustainability is one of the pillars of Somengil's business, reflected in ongoing efforts to change habits and improve processes, with the aim of ensuring greater resource savings. In addition, Multiwasher contributes significantly to ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles by reducing environmental impact through responsible resource management, promoting safe working conditions and improving corporate governance.

Internet of Things

Integrating IoT into Multiwasher enables efficiency and safety in the washing process, as well as predicting the need of equipment maintenance and preventing possible interruptions or obstacles. Somengil ensures preventative maintenance of the Multiwasher, facilitating the process and improving washing efficiency.


At Somengil, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our commitment to creating efficient products is backed up by certifications that attest to our dedication and hard work.

These certifications and compliance exemplify our ongoing efforts to prioritize quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Explore our certifications and compliance below: